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With over 20 years industry experience, Conference Call has highly trained and educated events staff with backgrounds in hotel management, event management, public relations and travel.

International Exposure

In addition to local conferences, we have had the opportunity to implement events in Europe, USA and various countries in Southern Africa.

BEE Policy

Indirect BEE empowerment in the form of preferential procurement is awarded to qualified BEE / SMME contractors in the tourism sector to provide sub contracting services such as transport, tours, branding, support staff, decor and entertainment.  Our company has BEE management/equality in place and provides a training opportunity for BEE tourism graduates to do in-service training with the company.

Dedicated Staff

Each client is allocated a project manager, who is the primary point of contact for each aspect of the conference/congress. Each delegate is treated as a customer and each individual request is promptly attended to. We constantly exceed the delegates’ expectations thereby ensuring positive feedback to our customers (host organizing committee) resulting in a well-run, smoothly implemented event. We pride ourselves in developing mutually trustworthy relationships with our clients, which results in a happy working relationship with both parties striving for the same end result.

Why Us?

You and your delegates are guaranteed a personal service with attention to every detail. By providing a professional service it enables YOU THE CLIENT to spend more time on the substantive issues at hand and leaving the meeting co-ordination to us. After all, this is what you are paying for!

Our costs

Our management fee is calculated based on the time required to complete each planning/service aspect. An administrative cost is added to cover aspects such as communication and travel.

A discounted fee is negotiated based on the number of attendees. Thus the more delegates that attend an event, the lower the cost per delegate.

With most non-profit meetings, sponsorship is jointly secured, to ensure that the total cost to run the meeting is achieved on a breakeven basis. As such the delegate registration fee multiplied by the number of attendees should cover all conference costs. for a cost estimate